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Terms and conditions

This site is owned and operated by INSTAHERO STORE:


Themesis s.r.o.

Borodáčova 5

04017 Košice – Barca

Slovak Republic


Company Identification Number: 50750089

Tax Identification Number: 2120458791


Bank account SK: Fio Banka, a.s. , IBAN: SK1283300000002101176047

Phone: +421 944 120 062



The seller is registered under file number Sro, Insert number: 40910 / V in the Commercial Register of the District Court of Košice.


Article 1 – Application


The present general conditions of sale aim to govern the contractual relations between Themesis s.r.o. designated, and any person making a purchase through the site, designated customer. undertakes to respect the obligations incumbent on it under these terms of sale. reserves the right to modify at any time its terms of sale. In this case, the applicable conditions will be those in force on the date of the order made by the buyer.


Article 2 – Registration


It is not mandatory to be registered to access all products for sale on the site, except special offers. Membership is acquired only after identification. reserves the right to accept or refuse a member at any time. The new member receives a confirmation email, at the email address previously filled in the form, which validates his registration to The member then holds a personal account on which he can make purchases, check orders, download e-products, receipts/invoices, start/pause/cancel/change subscriptions, change adresses or payments methods. The member assumes full responsibility for the use and retention of his password. In case of loss, theft or communication of your password to a third party, the member is asked to reset his password through the My account/forgotten-password session. By registering with, the member agrees to receive by email sales invitations, newsletters, personalised and/or special offers.


Article 3 – Products & Services & E-products


3.1. Products strives to implement a comprehensive description of the products available through features and photographs. The specifications on the Product Datasheets are based on the data provided by the suppliers, subject to the validity of the information. is committed to providing the most accurate shots possible, but they can not ensure a perfect compliance with the product. The photographs have an exclusively indicative value. In the spirit of a site perfectibility, encourages members to report any wrong information that could appear on a product description. The products offered for sale are sold for an indefinite period by and within the limits of available stocks.


3.2 Services and Memberships


The InstaHero.Store service will only be used for the promotional purposes of the Customer’s Instagram Account.


The Customer commits to provide full access to the service provider to the Instagram account (login name + password). Otherwise, it will not be possible to deliver the service.


Furthermore, the Service Customer undertakes to follow the instructions of the InstaHero.Store during the contractual period. InstaHero.Store uses the Instagram Account of the Customer to target specific Instagram net targets. This is a very legitimate version of the marketing method that increases the growth of the number of followers to the Customer’s account. The provider is in no way bound to a specific number of new followers, comments, and “likes” in the Customer’s account. The number of new followers depends on the quality and interestingness of the selected Instagram segment by the Customer. The InstaHero.Store service in the Instagram target segment responds to the posts through the “hash-tags” of the segment, the provider can not guarantee responses to the content with the appropriate material (Example: “#fitness #nutrition” hash-tags with nudity elements) and eliminates responses to inappropriate content such as light porn, violence, gambling, and so on. InstaHero.Store is not responsible for any kind of loosing account i.e. banning by Instagram or „getting hacked“ (another entities will takeover the account by discovering the passoword on clients Instagram account or hacking customers email). The service provider is entitled, in particular, due to unexpected situations, to change the terms and conditions – but will immediately inform the Customer of the change. If the Customer does not agree with the changes, he/she must notify or withdraw from the contract within five days. Otherwise, conditions are considered to be accepted.


3.3. E-products


E-products are any kind of non-physical downloadable products offered on website. E-products will be available for downloading right after the order in customer´s Membership area. E-products can not be delivered and are not applicable for any shipping costs.


Article 4 – Price 


The prices posted on are indicated in dollars but can be recalculated to any other currency. Products are sourced and shipped from various countries like United States of America, China and more and are NOT INCLUDING VAT. VAT can be applied on customs during the shipping if the order exceeds limit for the state that is imported in. Customer understand that will be handling all processes on customs and will be obligated to pay the VAT taxes if applicable. The prices of the products do not include shipping costs. Shipping prices can vary based on country and chosen shipping method. Special packaging and any special requests (sending abroad, sending by courier) will be charged. The amount of the participation in the shipping costs varies according to the destination, provided that the delivery takes place in the geographical area specified below, in Article 10. The amount of the shipping costs is indicated at the time of the validation of the order and is subjected to the acceptance of the purchaser. If the delivery is said to be free in a geographical area, the product will not be subject to the shipping costs of this same geographical area. reserves the right to change prices at any time, it being understood that the products will be billed on the basis of the rates in effect at the registration of the order.


Article 5 – Terms of order 


Orders can only be made on Every buyer declares and guarantees to have the legal capacity to order on 


The validity of the electronic order is the fulfillment of all the prescribed data and the requisites required to complete the order. The order is a draft of the purchase contract.

No formal confirmation of the order by the seller is required to complete the purchase contract; the contract arises from the delivery of the InstaHero.Store Service or the InstaHero.Store Services Package.

The buyer certifies, at the date of the order, to be at least 18 years old or to hold a legal authorization allowing to make a purchase on The buyer also guarantees that he / she is fully entitled to use the credit card provided for the transaction and that it is not a fraudulently used card, and then agrees that it is sufficient provisioned to cover the purchases made.


Any purchase made on will be deemed to have been made by the user of the account. All the data recorded by constitute the proof of the transactions made by the buyer on then sends the confirmation of the registered order by email, subject to the full payment and then a second email is sent to the member when shipping the products with the tracking number, according to the carrier.


Customer accepts the Terms and conditions for delivering the InstaHero.Store Service or product  or e-products of the Seller by accepting the order. Customer and Seller’s relationships are governed by these terms of business, which are binding on both parties unless the parties have agreed otherwise.



Article 6 – Terms of payments and recurring payments


Payment for the non-recurring order is made by credit card via our partner PayPal or any other payment gateway available at time. In case of payment by PayPal, includes commission fees and it is the general terms of use of Paypal that apply. The order confirmed by will only be effective from the agreement of the bank payment centers, subject to the condition precedent of the availability of the product. In case of refusal of the bank, the order will be automatically suspended and will take care to report it to the buyer by phone or email and refund within 48 hours.


In addition, reserves the right to refuse any order from a buyer with whom there is a dispute.



When purchasing services or memberships, recurring payments are created.

Recurring payment means the withdrawal of the agreed amount from the Customer’s card to the seller at predetermined intervals (usually every month).

    1. a) When the recurring payment is set up
      Recurring payments are based solely on the purchase of InstaHero recurring services or memberships.
    2. b) The maximum amount of recurring payment
      The maximum amount of the recurring payment will be the amount the Customer pays for the first paid month. The amount can be changed just only when the customer asks for it or changes the subscription package.
    3. c) Fixation of recurring payment
      The payment the Customer pays in the first settlement month is fixed and will not be increased or decreased for the entire duration of the service.
    4. d) Date and frequency of recurring payment withdrawal
      The date on which the recurring payment is set for the exact day depends on the date when the Customer was registered and the serivce/membership purchased for the first time. Repeat payout frequency is set to monthly intervals. The Customer will, therefore, be charged on the day he bought it in the particular month. We reserve the right to change the date of regular payment in favor of the customer. The nature of our business sometimes requires us to provide free days of service if needed, therefore we can move the day of payment. The date of the recurring payment is therefore variable
    5. e) Cancellation of recurring payments
      Customer will be able to cancel the recurring payments at any time without any additional fees, fines and with no explanation required. The opt-out option can be found on the Paypal payment receipt and, also, there will be a link in each e-mail to the client area where you can cancel Subscriptions. Once canceled, the package will be valid until the end of the agreed period, and can then be re-subscribed at any time by creating a new order only by a customer.
    6. f) Unless payment will be not paid for a variety of reasons, the seller will try to reclaim the payment repeatedly from customer’s credit card.


Article 7 – Security of payments uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security system, which effectively encrypts all banking information with software. No third party has access to confidential payment information. does not store or collect confidential banking data of its customers. The credit / debit card number is never retained. Only partner banking institutions i.e. Paypal retain card numbers. In addition, Paypal have the most effective control, alert and blocking modules in case of fraud, thus protecting all confidential data related to the means of payment.


Article 8 – Unavailability of products


Despite all the precautions implemented, a product ordered and purchased may be unavailable. In the event of unavailability of a product ordered before the end of the shipment thereof, informs by email to the buyer, within a maximum of one week, under what period this product could be book. In case of permanent unavailability, in accordance with the provisions of Article L121.20.3 of the Consumer Code, undertakes to fully refund the product, in the best delays, at the latest within thirty days from the date of payment of the order. An email will be sent to the buyer to indicate that his card/Paypal account has been credited and that his purchase is now refunded.


Article 9 – Terms of delivery 


Orders are shipped to the delivery address, indicated at the time of the order. can´t be held responsible for non-delivery due to an incorrect or incomplete delivery address. The fact that the buyer is absent during the first delivery will not be considered late. In case of different cases of external force, delivery times may be extended. In case of late delivery, the customer must contact priority or via the contact form to open an inquiry. A inquiry result can take up to 30 business days. In case of not receiving the package within the time indicated and a shipment has been sent, the buyer has 30 days to claim his package. An investigation is conducted by with the carrier and may take several days, up to 30 business days. During this period, no refund or return can be made. Upon receipt of your order, we strongly recommend that the buyer check the conformity of the delivered products or refuse the package if it appears damaged. InstaHero.Store is not responsible for the damages that happen during the shipping and customer should contact the carrier. Only when customer chooses insured shipping options, can ask for refunding the order.

Article 10 – Right of withdrawal


Consumer the buyer has 14 days, from the date of receipt, to return his order. If the return is for reasons of non-satisfaction, the shipping costs will remain the responsibility of the buyer. Products have to be returned to the same place from where they were shipped or to the return centers if available. If Returned products will be worn, incomplete, damaged, they will be not applicable for refund. Returns are accepted if the returned products remain identical to the one of their shipment, with the original packaging, certificates and labels. The refund is made to the buyer within 15 days of the date of receipt of the withdrawal.

E-products, memberships, services or other non-physical, products are exception from our return policy and can’t be returned and refunded.

We reserve the right to reimburse you in InsteHero credits or by sending you new non-damaged product.


Article 11 – InstaHero credits.

InstaHero credits (further “credits”) are used for buying on our platform. Credits can be bought on website or received as a compensation for your products. 1 credit = 1 usd. Credits can be withdrawn or used for purchasing products on another websites. They can be only used for buying products, memberships and E-products on our website Expiration of credits is 1 year or 365/366 days. After experition, they can’t be used anymore.  


Article 12 – Warranty and liability buyers enjoy the provisions of the legal warranty for hidden defects. If the delivered product does not correspond to the description of the product sheet or has a hidden defect, the buyer has the option to return the product. If the product is defective, damaged or incomplete, the buyer must report it to within 7 days of receiving the product. The product will be replaced or refunded within 30 days of receipt, depending on the availability of the product or the decision of the buyer. In both cases, the shipping costs are then borne by In the context of a return from a retraction procedure, for which the shipping costs are borne by the buyer, reserves the right to be subject to a fixed penalty, added to the reimbursement of return fees. According to article 1386-1 of the Civil Code, only the manufacturer is responsible for product safety. Only manufacturers guarantee that the products presented for sale comply with the description given and that they have no hidden defects making them unsuitable for their normal use. The only contractual guarantee is that granted by the manufacturer. declines any responsibility in the event of an error in a description of a product, given that the pictures and descriptions illustrating the products for sale are only indicative. can not be held liable for any damage resulting from misuse or malfunction. In addition, the liability of can not exceed the amount of the product ordered. No compensation can be requested outside of those provided by the Consumer Code. If a problem occurs, the buyer first contacts to obtain an amicable solution. In case of litigation, the judicial authorities in the country where the company is established will be the only competent

Article 13 – Intellectual Property


All elements of the site are and remain the intellectual and exclusive property of As such and in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Intellectual Property, no one is authorized to reproduce, exploit, sell, resell, rebroadcast, or use for any reason whatsoever other than private, even partially, without the consent of Any affixing of a simple link or hypertext, using the technique of “framing” or “deep linking” to the site is strictly prohibited. or any other part of this site is strictly prohibited for reproduction, copying and exploitation, for any purpose, without express written permission. Any copy, use for commercial reasons and any parasitism based on the same mode of sale as is strictly prohibited and may lead to prosecution and sanctions, in the matter of infringement of intellectual property rights.


Article 14 – Confidential data


All information and data of members is strictly confidential.  undertakes that all obtained personal data of the Customer will be used only for the fulfillment of the order. Also, the InstaHero Provider at this moment undertakes not to provide the Customer’s data to any third party not listed in the Terms and Conditions or the Terms of Use of the Personal Data (Privacy Policy). Personal data obtained during the order will only be used for order processing, support, billing, and any related product offerings.

These data are stored in a strict anti-abuse database.

For billing we share data with Superfaktúra service (, s.r.o, Pri Suchom Mlyne 6, 811 04 Bratislava) and with the Integromat service (Integromat s.r.o, Novakovych 1954 / 20a, 180 00 Prague 8, Czech Republic, Europe, ID: 29152861) for payments pairing.

For marketing purposes and to make your experience as much personalized as possible, we share data with:

  1. Omnisend Limited Unit a3, Gateway Tower, 32 Western Gateway, London E16 1YL
  2. Facebook INC, 1601 WILLOW ROAD MENLO PARK, CA 94025
  3. Personizely
  4. Google Analytics & Google ads – Alphabet INC, 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy MOUNTAIN VIEW   CA   94043-1351
  5. Recart

Upon request, we will inform you in writing of whether and which personal data we have recorded about you. If incorrect information has been recorded despite our efforts to ensure correct data and up-to-date information, we will correct the information upon request. If you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal information, you can direct them to us and contact us.

Members have the right to access, modify and delete data concerning them. For this, the member can exercise it by writing online in the Contact section or by clicking on “unsubscribe to the newsletter” on the last newsletter received. is committed to immediately remove members wishing to leave the database.


Upon request, we will inform you in writing of whether and which personal data we have recorded about you. If incorrect information has been recorded despite our efforts to ensure correct data and up-to-date information, we will correct the information upon request. If you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal information, you can direct them to us and contact us.

Members have the right to access, modify and delete data concerning them. For this, the member can exercise it by writing online in the Contact section or by clicking on “unsubscribe to the newsletter” on the last newsletter received. is committed to immediately remove members wishing to leave the database.