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Caramel Dream

You Save: $12.02

$29.99 $17.97

►Lifetime Personal & Commercial License

► Works With Lightroom Desktop and Mobile
► Works With JPG/PNG & RAW Images
► Works With Mac & PC
► Works With iPhone & Android
► Works With & WITHOUT Adobe subscription
► You only need Lightroom App on your Phone/iPad (iPhone or Android)
► Step-by-step PDF guide with installation instructions

Launch sale ends in:





For every 50$+ order

Product Description

Are you a perfectionist and want to know how to make your Instagram feed coherent, unique and look like Influencer? This special Lightroom preset will make it a reality just with one click of a “magic button”.

These presets are the perfect tool for bloggers, influencers, creative people or anybody else who wants to make their Instagram feed or blog extraordinary – for all InstaHeroes 🙂

With our presets you will get an opportunity to edit photos like a PRO with deep knowledge of Adobe Lightroom. Extremely easy to be customized.

Buy once and get your Lifetime license to make your Instagram photos extraordinary.

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Is Lightroom free and easy to use? 

The mobile Lightroom version is free and can be 100% used for our presets. Working with the app is so intuitive that even your grandma could become an influencer. If you wish to use Desktop version, the subscription cost around 10$/month for Lightroom and Photoshop + cloud storage, but we are not affiliated with them. It’s totally not required to buy anything.

Will I get support with installing/importing presets and using them?

Firstly, you will get detailed instructions in PDF and video on how to import and use presets. Using Lightroom is very intuitive and can be easily learned by a few minutes/hours. If there will be any issue, or you get stuck in any point, feel free to contact us, we will help you for sure! If you wish to learn more about how to use Lightroom professionally, Youtube is full of free and extensive guides. (We are preparing our own guides but it’s not ready yet)

Is Lightroom Preset really some “Magic Button”?

Lightroom Presets are a set of unique settings for editing your photos with Lightroom. They basically work as “Magic Button” BUT based on your lighting conditions, camera settings and personal style, after applying these presets you may want to slightly tweak those settings. Especially Brightness and Exposure because of different lighting conditions, but that takes only a few seconds… So yes, they are a magic button! 

How do I receive my presets?

After order, your presets will be delivered to your email within a few seconds. You can also download them in your Customer dashboard under “My Downloads”.  If you somehow lose them, you can come back and download them again.

Does your presets make a minor or huge difference?

We are proud to announce that all of our presets are creating great differences in photos, not minor changes as some other presets do only on specific images. Please check all Before-After images for proof.

Are presets compatible with RAW and JPG too? 

Yeah, you can use them for your JPG mobile photos and also RAW camera photos. However, they were created specially on JPGs taken by your phone. Using them on RAWs can require slight additional adjustment, what can be easily handled.

How do I install Presets on my PC/Mac/Mobile?

The Instructions will be sent with your files. No worries, even amateurs can simply do it in a few seconds/minutes. Basically you will just install the app, import the preset files and you are ready to go (and become influencer).

Will it work on all kind of photos?

All of the presets have been crafted by professional photographers and graphic editors, and tested on different images so their compatibility is higher than the industry standard and can be used with a variety of images, but depending on photo they can work better or less. It will work perfectly if you will use them on photos with the same color/topic as they were supposed to be used on. Use Before/After images as a reference on what kind of photos presets perform best.

Can I get a refund for Lightroom Presets? 

We don’t provide refunds on virtual downloadable products. It is an industry standard.

What is Personal & Commercial Non-Limited Lifetime license?

You can use your purchased presets on unlimited photos for personal and commercial use and display your photos anywhere you wish. BUT it is prohibited to sell, resell, giveaway, share, loan, lease, edit or derivate, and distribute our presets.