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10 Pcs Beauty Real Touch Flowers


$16.97 $13.97

  • 100% Brand new and high quality
  • Material:PU
  • Total length: 36cm approx
  • Flower Head Length:4.5cm approx
  • Color:see the pictures
  • Quantity:10 pieces
(93 customer reviews)
91.61% of buyers were satisfied.
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Product Description

10 pcs/lot Artificial Tulip Flower PU Artificial Flower bouquet Real touch flowers Home Wedding decorative flowers 30-35


Easy to clean, easy to match other colors. Gorgeous flower color, Chic shape. Can use for a long time, always blossom. Fits for party, wedding, art hall, office, shop, home, garden and so on. Easy to clean, easy to match other colors.Gorgeous flower color, Chic shape.Can use for a long time, always blossom.Great present for the friend who allergic to pollen.

Package Included:

10x Artificial Tulips

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Additional Information

Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 5 cm



Artificial Flowers

Flower Style

Flower Bouquet

Model Number

Plastic Flowers


Artificial Plastic Flowers


Wedding party decoration


Decorative Flowers & Wreaths,


Home decor,wedding decorative



93 reviews for 10 Pcs Beauty Real Touch Flowers

  1. Customer

    Several of the flowers are deformed, i’ll have to fix them, i felt a little disappointed. Strong smell and white marks, i hope with a little water will correct.

  2. A***a

    Some flowers will have to be glued

  3. N***z

    Very happy, i will buy from other colors

  4. J***o

    Amazing product, I would 100% recommended. They feel soft and Look natural.

  5. E***a

    The best i did not see, it’s not flowers, it’s just super, there are no words, order, will not regret!!! Thank You

  6. E***a

    If you still think about taking them or not, i can tell you from the pure heart, take more immediately, they are just super, i have not held such in my hands, god they are cute, beautiful, soft, with them it is fashionable to do whatever you want, thanks to the store, you are super!!!

  7. V***a

    Thank you! Delivery is very fast! Tulips are small, but beautiful and cute, look like alive. I advise)))

  8. F***t

    They’re beautiful. Order will not regret. Super simple. Beauty❤I will order more colors. All 5 points.

  9. E***a

    The flowers came very quickly, within two weeks. They are really beautiful as alive.!!! I will order more!

  10. A***a

    Tulips are beautiful, but one of ten was strongly remembered, the smell is pleasant

  11. N***n

    The parcel came quickly, the flowers were packed just in a bag, even the stems stuck out, one flower is broken, there is a smell, it seems pleasant, but the head is slightly ill while unpacking, the flowers small 20 pieces look small, but in general, you can use for decor

  12. K***a

    Zamówiłam 60 pieces of which 23 were damaged. General Nice.

  13. E***a

    Great. In moscow for a month

  14. K***t

    Arrived so fast that I believed. 7 days from order. THE quality is amazing and has a smell of perfume. Super recommend and want more.

  15. H***s

    Really liked the flowers!!! Delivery was a month. I liked everything very much.

  16. R***v

    Flowers are cool. Like alive. One flower with marriage. But i still advise.

  17. A***x

    Flowers of good quality, but small. There is a fragrance. Delivery to m.o. almost a month. If the size is not important, i recommend.

  18. P***s

    Recommend warmly.. 10 pieces are not enough is…

  19. M***a

    Came very quickly to the irkutsk region about 2-3 weeks. To the touch awesome, like real, stunning smell, as if inflated specifically)) before ordering, i texted with the store to send 11 pieces, not 10! I wanted to pay for one tulip, the seller said order, i’ll send 11 flowers. I ordered, waited .. But came 10))) it is necessary to order more, little still .. Buds by the way are also small

  20. Y***i

    Packed in simple package. Probably during transportation a little damaged petals, peeled off. Glued with ordinary hot silicone. Smell of soap, to the touch is very similar to the real. Really liked.

  21. O***e

    Flowers look like real, beautifully pachną. Super! Recommend!

  22. C***G

    Fatal. many of the flowers come open or with the petals spoiled. I thought they were fabric but they’re kind of a very fine cork.

  23. A***y

    It’s not The top quality. For 30 tulips 7 has had loose petals. The material It’s made off is thin. But they smell good and from A distance look nice.

  24. M***c

    One package is not worthwhile take because looks poorly on zdj two packages as seen white zoltkna if stand for sill Sun

  25. M***e

    The color is very beautiful. There are errors when performing but for decor photos are great. Buds are not as big as it may seem in the photo. Smell beautiful.

  26. A***i

    Very nice tulips. Ordered second time because they look very beautiful in real life.

  27. O***a


  28. N***a

    Bought in the cemetery. Stand will be long, excellent quality. Thanks to the store.

  29. Customer


  30. O***a


  31. D***e

    Thank you very much!

  32. D***n

    All as stated! Like real and even smell, it’s easy to acute.

  33. C***c

    I like the material, very real, a leaf was loose, but it sticks and fixed. The exact colors.

  34. C***z

    Ordered on 09/08, Received on 09/25 This is my second time ordering from the store my first batch was well packed and beautiful. I don’t know what happened the second time around my flowers came in broken the glue on them wasn’t adhesive to properly.

  35. P***g

    Flowers are cute. feel like real. Even pachną. Recommend for 200%

  36. M***a

    Flowers are very beautiful♥️ They look like real. Flavored. Waited about two months. But unfortunately, 6 of 10 colors were damaged, had to be pasted.

  37. Customer

    Flowers are small, but pretty.

  38. N***r


  39. S***a

    I loooove it!! I recommand!!

  40. M***a

    This is my second order. Wonderful blooms, they seem real.

  41. I***e

    I got just 28 tulips of 30. White and yellows are good quality, bet purple not.. but I am happy, becouse shiping was very fast.

  42. R***n

    They are beautiful, even smell like they have a rose scent to cover up the slight rubber smell. so really impressed. only thing is they are smaller than the ones I’ve bought from other stores.

  43. S***a

    The quality is not a fountain, even for such a price you can make a little more accurate. glue can be seen, the petals of koso-crooked, who hangs where, solid disappointment. i put four stars only because of the fact that in white color flowers of the best quality, hope when mixing this marriage will not be particularly noticeable

  44. V***r

    Beautiful. One petal had to be glued. And this amount for 244 rubles is expensive.

  45. V***o

    They are cool!!! And even smell like real!

  46. Y***t

    The bouquet exceeded my expectations! Flowers do not crumple, came in excellent condition and very quickly. Quality fire! If the stems are long, you can bend at the desired height! Class!!!

  47. G***a

    Chic tulips. The only drawback is they are small. I ordered 5 sets, i thought it would be enough, but it turned out that it was necessary to order the same amount. I’m going to order. Made of some interesting foam rubber, the color is not acid, natural. Smell something pleasant, flavored.

  48. A***S

    Upset by this order. Almost all flowers in white bouquets are opened and wrinkled! ((without the opportunity to collect buds. I attach the photo. Do not recommend! I put 2 stars, only for the fact that the order was sent timely, waiting for about a month.

  49. Customer

    Great! I order the third time. They smell nice, like real ones. Seller and i recommend the product!

  50. P***h

    Leaf topper

  51. S***h

    Some imperfection certainly due to amballage… but not serious .. i will still order .. very good smell .. it looks natural

  52. Customer

    While the leaves fell apart and in general nothing in the cemetery will go, the living tulips are still better. You can see that not real.

  53. E***a

    Super, touch like live

  54. E***j

    Beautiful the tulips vivid colors look almost like Vivid

  55. E***a

    Flowers are cute but small. Apparently i didn’t exactly read the description. The goods came quickly.

  56. G***r


  57. S***a

    I bet 4 for a small marriage!!! Torn leaf and torn petal (((otherwise the flowers are very beautiful! Mom is happy! In the photo 20 pcs

  58. V***r

    Very beautiful, like real. I ordered several colors, so the white ones turned out to be the most durable, the rest “opened” everything ((sent quickly, came quickly, in a normal package and each bouquet is packed neatly in its bag. Thank you.

  59. I***

    I ordered from different stores, everywhere not very good. From the far looks nothing, but it is not closely visible neatly done… Especially the leaves. For the photo will go.

  60. M***n

    As alive, even smell!!!

  61. J***a

    Flowers went for a long time, more than 1.5 months. they are terrible, all opened. purchase is not happy at all.

  62. R***v

    Everything is fine thanks for the flowers, beautiful and fast!

  63. Customer

    Very beautiful, but sooo small. In a bouquet of 30 pieces. I will still finish ordering.

  64. M***a

    In the photo 19 pieces. Delivery is very fast to the irkutsk region. Flowers are cool. I order a second time. The smell is cool from them and look like real!

  65. L***a

    Delivery is very fast. But the packing is no. Normal postal package. No flower survived the post of russia. We have to glue.

  66. C***z

    Beautiful look real as described, i recommend the store.

  67. C***z

    Beautiful as described by the store i recommend, i will make another order again.

  68. A***a

    Asked to put 5 pieces of red and 5 orange, the store wrote ok and put one red. Shoot the star!

  69. T***A

    The parcel came quickly, the tulips are very beautiful. The only drawback-several buds crumbled and revealed. With the store did not communicate

  70. M***i

    Very beautiful!

  71. Customer

    The flowers came slightly wrinkled, glued 2 petals. Despite this, the flowers are beautiful and even better than expected.

  72. J***a

    Flowers are too small (half of the lighter Bic) the stem is indelibly long for such heads, the benefit can be cut off. The flowers themselves are badly glued, taking out of the package, fell apart began directly in the hands, 4 PCs have to be resuscitated, bought two bouquets, look Cyrillic. 250R for one bouquet-too expensive, given all the above, so if you are ready to glue and fix other people’s jambs for Mad Money-safely take. Before St. Petersburg 1,5 months delivery.

  73. Customer

    The parcel was 2 months old, the package is not very, one flower came broken. And in general, very beautiful.

  74. K***a

    Its Really like real flowers, soft material. I like it, will order more 🙂

  75. T***a

    Fast delivery. The flowers are very nice and tinged, unfortunately 1/3 were damaged in delivery.

  76. G***o

    Packed badly. 3 flowers of 10-broken. Only one green leaf. Very small. The color is beautiful, soft latex. No unpleasant smell. From another store I ordered and larger, and two leaves. Therefore do not recommend—

  77. P***p

    I love it! they look very natural however some of the tulips came damaged:/

  78. L***e

    I didn’t expect them to be silicone. very realistic. you just have to rely on it because other sheets are gone. but everything is great anyway. I’ll order more. recommend it

  79. I***x

    Pretty and fast delivery

  80. M***M

    Very nice

  81. A***k

    Miałam already many colors of these Tulip however White look most manmade especially when you are in a vase with red. But General qualitatively recommend as most.

  82. I***i

    They’re a little smaller than I thought edtan was a little open but it can be fixed, they’re very pretty.

  83. L***e

    Labai grazios Kaip tikros. Atejo siunta per Menesi ESU patenkinta

  84. S***a

    Flowers Super! As alive, tender, to the touch-silky. Delivery 3 weeks. On this bouquet I took 2 to 10 pieces of white and 1 to 10 red and three twigs of small flowers. I recommend.

  85. S***a

    How alive!!!

  86. F***s

    Pretty, but I expected it to be a little bigger. I’m valid. There’s a nice smell.

  87. A***a

    The goods came very quickly. Flowers as natural. Seller recommend. I’ll order more.

  88. A***a

    The product is very high quality and beautiful. Seller recommend to everyone. I’ll order more.

  89. D***k

    super !

  90. P***r

    real flower feel, touch feels real too

  91. P***.

    They felt sorry for a small box. Thank you flowers are spoiled. I waited for flowers for 2,5 months. And the store authorized to send my goods only 9 days after payment…. Peonies in nightmares seem to have jumped on it. All because they felt sorry for the boxes

  92. T***a

    Thank you came, but one petal at two colors of the capacious broke, and the buds little some were expected more.

  93. J***a

    Super quality look like real.

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